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Wed Jul 1 20:05:21 PDT 1998

Your idea has many merits and it would be something to think about, but 
unless you get them to move out of their neighborhoods and away from 
their families (ie. brothers, cousins)I don't think that it would cure 
the problem.  The SCA can only happen at certain times, and the rest of 
the time they are in the place that they are trying to get away from.  I 
may be wrong, though, it wouldn't be the first time.  If it did work, 
then I must agree with Caterina.  They live their lives waiting for 
violence to happen, the thrill, the anger.  They would DEFINITELY be 
dangerous on the field.  Maybe in order to practice the fighting 
however, we could give them other targets than humans to begin with.  
That way you can see the anger progressing, etc. and when you can see 
that it is controlled begin the process of actually fighting.  Say two 
weeks, you have 5 mins, the next two 10 mins etc.

It could work...


>Lady Capricia wrote:
>> I have also wondered at how well the SCA would work as a sort
>> of rehabilitation group for gang members (past and present).
>> They can get out aggressive feelings and meet the need for 
>> through fighting and would have a similar  "family" structure and 
>> especially if able to join a household.
>> Learning the skills, arts, ideals, etc. of the SCA would help them 
>> better, more well-rounded people, show them that they can have a 
>> and make them more socially/legally  acceptable.
>> So, what do you good gentles think about this?
>Although certain parts of your "theory" could be very viable, it would 
>a tremendous leap of faith for your average "Lord Joe Schmoe" to 
>Personally, I imagine it would be easier to reach out with the cultural 
>and other skills *before* offering the option of fighting.  Taking the 
>against an opponent who may not be able to control their aggression,
>would probably be considered an unacceptable risk.  There would have
>to be some sort of "buffer" in there some where.....not sure how it 
>be accomplished.  Most could be done with some sort of "mentoring"
>program, but again, the implementation problem.....Anyone else have an 
>HE Caterina (writing social policy to the world!)
>je suis le tenebreux
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