ANST - tangent on rider/warrior thread

Amy Chastain alycie at
Wed Jul 1 20:30:12 PDT 1998

What about discounts, or free entry to events for them?  I'm not sure 
how you would work that out without embarrassing them, but it's an 

>This is exactly what I was speaking of last night when I said that 
>of *any* type of mentoring program would be difficult.  We all start 
out with the
>"best of intentions" but either lose interest, or run out of patience 
(in some cases).
>We tend to forget that playing in the SCA can be an expensive hobby.  
And to
>take on a second person is in some cases, not a doable thing. Maybe an 
>native would be a summer program, or a school-year only program?  Just 
>out loud!  Anyone else want to help us save the world?!
>HE Caterina
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