ANST - Re: Amtgard vs. the SCA

Brent Hanner behanner at
Thu Jul 2 00:15:11 PDT 1998

ches wrote:
>  The simple fact
> is NOT about attitude or maturity. It is about money.

I would have to agree with you about maturity.  I would have
to partially disagree with you about the money.  As someone has
said in another post.  There are more active teens in amtgard by
a pretty wide gap.  Teenagers enjoy being around people of their 
own age.  People want to be accepted by their peers.  Until you hit
around 19 or 20 most adults don't consider you their peer and therefore
treat you differently.  The reason Amtgard draws lots of teens is
there are teens there.  Why are there teens there to begin with? 
its something to do that fun.  We need to stop trying to figure out why
make a place for them in the kingdom.  Then if we don't see a change we
have a indepth debate as to "WHY" amtgard gets the teens and we don't. 
try and compete for them before we try and figure out why we are losing
the teens to amtgard and other such groups.  

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