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	I(viking that I am) for one would love to participate in a viking horde vs. 
a phalanx. THe extra training even sounds fun cause we all know, it aint the 
one on one fights that make the blood boil, tis the melees the start my 
adrenalin pumping.
	As for period armor and what looks good:
	Who is going to judge what is "good enough". What period armor is a 
person of pictish persona to wear that is period?...Some cultures wore a whole 
lot less than the "Ansteorran Minimum".  I agree that nothing overtly mundane, 
such as tennis shoes(been guilty of this), jeans, t-shirts or the overly 
enthusiastic use of duct tape in keeping armor together, should find its way 
onto a list field.
	I am in the process of purchasing the materials for a new set of armor 
and my idea is this. Being a late 9th century Norseman, I am studying the 
designs of the armor worn by my persona's enemies. Having done that I plan to 
make a set of armor that incorporates peices from many of these cultures.In 
this way I hope to end up with a set of armor tooled to give all the pieces a 
Norse theme and thus bring the elements of the armor together.
	I don't plan to make any of it very fancy, just servicable and as eclectic 
as possible.
	Of course all of this depends on how valiantly I can fight my arch 
nemesis, who is mundanely known as Procrastination.

> Moriel wrote:
> cut and snipped
> Personally, I think the mix is one of the most fascinating things about 
> SCA fighting. 
>  But I would really love to see more 
> tournaments where everyone involved used only the arms and techniques 
> particular to their personas' cultures, and stage fights that require use 
> of culture-specific methods.  Maybe put together a real phalanx and see 
> how it does against a horde of Vikings.  I know something like that would 
> require some real organization and training outside the norm for the 
> fighters involved, but it would be a good learning experience, and it 
> could be quite a show.
> 	Tomonaga
> -- 
> A long bow and a strong bow,
> And let the sky grow dark.
> The nock to the cord, the shaft to the ear,
> And a foreign king for a mark!
> 	-- Stolen from "The Song of the Bosonian Archers" --
> 		 by Robert Howard, who should be
> 		  the patron saint of Ansteorra
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