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Michael F. Gunter mfgunter at
Thu Jul 2 07:25:50 PDT 1998

> > Another possibility to overly push on those who are just doing good to
> > get in armor would be to go the other direction and look into
> > establishing a "tourney company" like in the west and east where the
> > look seems to be first andforemost in order to create that "moment".
> > Just a thought.
> > Horoun
> Sir Conner and I have discussed this possibility for Ansteorra many
> times.  Soon as I get my new kit done (can anyone say Y2K?) I intend to
> push harder on this idea.
> Graf Galen K.
> -- 

I've seen this trend really begin to take off in several places. I've even
considered starting something of the sort. Perhaps it's because people are
getting tired of the same old Swiss-style or double elim tournament format
or maybe people are looking for something where honor, prowess, and style
are rewarded. Too many times blatent cheaters have been allowed to win
tournaments and all people did was shuffle their feet and grumble. In a
Pas d'Armes tournament it is just as much HOW you win as IF you win. Plus
as we tend to grow older in the Society a lot of the magic we saw in our
teens and 20's is being replaced by noticing the tennis shoes and blue jeans.
We look for more authentic atmosphere and greater challenge with our kit and
our reenactment.

Just a couple of thoughts.


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