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Thu Jul 2 08:29:46 PDT 1998

Philip White wrote:

 >To begin, I want it clear I interpret "dance instructor round-table 
 >meeting" as a chance for people to compare notes on dance, in particular 
 >the teaching of dance.  Not a chance for people to "pick my brain" about 
 >documentaion for a particular dance.  
     Different definitions of "pick my brain" at work here, IMHO. What I 
     meant by "PMB" involves thinking; if I don't have to think to respond 
     then it's not "PMB". 
>Calling ; Teaching ; Running a dance guild ; Starting a dance guild
>Introduction to new styles (no ECD scares people) ; Documentation ; 
>Reconstruction ; Running Balls ; Indoor vs Outdoor Events
>Regional variations ; Kingdom variations
>Though this looks like alot, I think Ansteorra needs inprovement on all 
>these topics.  The first four are the most in need of work, the rest 
>improved by those four.  Comments?  What would people like to see 
     I certainly agree that Ansteorra needs improvement in the whole area 
     of dance. It was disappointing to me that none of the 4 Royals 
     attended Kingdom Dance Symposium (I would have been happy with just 
     one of the four; but it's nice to know that the Crown attended King's 
     College). So it's not considered a "Kingdom" event by the powers that 
     be. Maybe we should call it "King's College of Dance & Music" or 
     "Academy of Dance & Music." 
     [gripe, gripe, grumble, grumble, etc. :) ]
     I personally think that "Introduction to New Styles" is an *extremely* 
     important topic, in fact more so than dance guilds. I would rather see 
     (unaffiliated) dancers willing to try any period dance than see dance 
     guilds that perhaps only do one or two types of dances. 
     Another topic could be on "Getting Stewards to Schedule Dancing (at a 
     Reasonable Hour)". Of course, part of that is getting dancing so 
     accepted that it becomes automatic for a steward to include dancing 
     and its requirements at the beginning stages of planning for events.

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