ANST - Re: Authenticity in Armor - and Shameless Event Plug

Jane Gehring-Bretz bretz at
Thu Jul 2 16:48:21 PDT 1998

> Gunthar Wrote:

> Perhaps it's because people are getting tired of the same old Swiss-style or
> double elim tournament format or maybe people are looking for something where
> honor, prowess, and style are rewarded. Too many times blatent cheaters have
> been allowed to win tournaments and all people did was shuffle their feet and
> grumble. In a Pas d'Armes tournament it is just as much HOW you win as IF you
> win.

I am so tired of double elimination.  I would rather chew glass than go to
another double elim. Queen's Champion. We are going to be doing a Pas d'Armes
instead of the typical double elim. tournament this year  at Stargate Baronial.
I want to encourage you to all come out an support us.


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