ANST - Was Amtgard vs. SCA/now: SCA Youth

Laury Torrence J-LTorrence at
Thu Jul 2 19:09:41 PDT 1998

> 'wolf wrote

> it's not just a "Austin" problem .... it's a society wide problem. Amtgard is
> not just a local phenomena and it's not the only manifestation of the root
> problem that is being discussed.

Thanks 'wolf!  As we had all sort of reached a joint conclusion that there
*is* a problem, other than the "boffer tourneys", what else can we come
up with as a feasable way to encourage a change in mind set for us
"adults".  We sort of exhausted the Big Brothers/Sisters thing, but how
about something that's generally in period, perhaps pages or laidies in 
waiting.  But not as "servants".  I think it would be fun and educational
(for the young folk) if some of the Nobility had a couple young people as
entourage members.  They could/would get a real understanding of what
it takes to do the job!  Any other ideas?

HE Caterina (i love to stir things up!)
je suis le tenebreux

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