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j'lynn yeates jyeates at
Fri Jul 3 11:43:41 PDT 1998

On 3 Jul 98, at 11:57, Pug Bainter wrote:

> Bill Osterheim said something that sounded like:
> > Speaking of which, what happened to the Ansteorran Page????
> Uhh. I'm getting it.
> I know it was down for a few hours the other day, but that should have
> been corrected on Wednesday morning.

here's a point to remember folks, the domain name is ORG not COM ... 
walked two people through that one earlier this week and just sent a third 
email on it's way pointing out the correct URL  .... quite a common mistake 

so Pug, it appears that you managed to eradicate the tree weasel 
infestation from earlier this week?


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