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Fri Jul 3 22:51:11 PDT 1998

Greetings from Baroness Neassa,
HE Caterina wrote:
>I think it would be fun and educational (for the young folk) if some of the Nobility had a couple young people as
> entourage members.  They could/would get a real understanding of what
> it takes to do the job!  Any other ideas?

I have two young ladies in my Barony, Carn and Marissa, who are my
ladies-in-waiting. I'm not sure of their ages, but I believe they are
both between 11 and 15 years old. They do an excellent job as entourage.
There is also a young man, Ben, (I think he is 15), who assists me
regularly by running errands and carrying heavy objects.

These kids are wonderful; a lot of help AND a lot of fun. Many, many
other children from Stargate also help. All you have to do is let them. 

I know that this comment was originally addressed to the nobility, but
we can't do it alone. You don't have to be a Baroness or a member of the
Royal Family or even a Peer to give a child a job at an event. First
make an arrangement with a child's parents, and then take that child as
your page or lady-in-waiting, and then *give them something to do!* Kids
love to run errands for adults at an event, (at least for everyone but
their parents). Have them find out what is scheduled for children's
activities that day: They can decide which activities they want to
attend, and you may want to go to one of the classes to learn something
too. Ask the kid to deliver a message for you, or find out if any of the
merchants have pottery or trim for sale. Fighters can have the kid hold
their shield or sword by the list field just before they take the field,
and the same kid could have a cool mug of water ready when the fighter
retires from the field. Kids know how to set tables for feast - at least
to get the tablecloth on it. They can gather wildflowers for a
centerpiece. Just interact with the kid as you really would a page or
lady-in-waiting: Have them do what you are too busy to do, and teach
them what you are doing and why you are doing it, and both adult and
child will have a good time.

If you really want to get spiffy, make the child a tabard in your
colors, or with your arms on it. Sir Godwin did this many years ago, and
it was wonderful. It greatly added to the period feel of the event, it
gave the kid something to wear that his parents didn't have to make, the
kid loved it (as did his younger sisters who later grew into it), and it
was evident to all that this child was in the service of Godwin. It just
goes to show what a little heraldry can do for you. :)

Kids are fun.

Neassa the Obstreperous
Baroness of Stargate
Former Minister of Children of Stargate

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