ANST - Giving Awards to SCA Youth

j'lynn yeates jyeates at
Fri Jul 3 11:43:41 PDT 1998

On 3 Jul 98, at 11:51, Laury Torrence wrote:

> VIVAT GUNNORA!!!!!  This is what I meant earlier!  If they do the work,
> they should be awarded accordingly, age has nothing to do with
> it.......but our perceptions do.  So lets remember that when we see young
> folk working their little tushies off at events!

here's a thought ... kids love stuff.  so if you know you're going to have 
helpers, small tokens would go over extremely well ... scale up according 
to the situation.

perhaps some thought could be given to a official local / regional / kingdom 
awards designed solely for the young ... or ... special catagories in our 
suitable competitions for the young folk (arts and sciences comes initially 
to mind) ... you reward and encourage service, give them something to 
strive for, and create something that sets their age-related peers special 
and shows that their presence and contributions are noted and appreciated 
though this could be taken to the other end of the bell curve of age and 
applied to the "old farts" (grin) ... self is touching that side of the curve only 
in chronological measures

... it's rough sometimes being a immortal soul in a mortal vehicle (g)

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