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Deborah and Robert Wade dwade at
Fri Jul 3 18:32:04 PDT 1998

At 05:03 AM 7/1/98 EDT, you wrote:
>how do you use either the bug or the cactus to dye with?
>Insect:  collect the insect and kill (easiest way is with fingernail
polish remove) and dry in the sun for two to three weeks.  Then place the
desired weight of insect in the dye vat.  (I usually put them in
chessecloth bags so that bug parts are not in my dyestuff).  Dye as usual.

Cactus:  Generally the fruit or the flower (species dependent) are
collected and placed in the dye pot with and steeped.  The plant matter is
removed and dye is ready to use.
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