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Sat Jul 4 12:21:54 PDT 1998

Greetings all!  Melody macGregor here asking for background info on the name
Emily.  Here's why.

As many of you know, my lord and I are expecting m'lady Emily to join our
household some time in the next few weeks (I'm due July 18th).  Being a
basically simple-minded and somewhat lazy soul, I have taken my SCA name from
a derivative of my maiden name (Melody macGregor taken from Melody Greer of
clan MacGregor).   My husband's name, Askell de Loucelles, is nicely
documented for his 11th century Norman persona.

My theory in choosing an SCA name for Emily is that we should keep it simple,
to be less confusing to her as she grows, and expect that she will probably
choose another name for herself some time in the future, when she has
developed her own SCA interests.  Thus we were thinking of Emily de Loucelles.
I realize that we can get away with using Emily just because it is her actual
first name.  What I'm actually asking is, does anyone have any background on
the name Emily?  Is there some form of it that appears in either my persona's
period or my husbands?  (FYI--I play late 16th century Scottish, stuck in

General input would be appreciated but please, don't send me sources to go
look up.  I simply won't be very mobile in the next few weeks.  THANKS in

Melody macGregor of Stargate

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