ANST - How important is fighting?

Russell russmax at
Mon Jul 6 00:18:26 PDT 1998

Amberglyph at wrote:
>         As long as we choose our monarchs in trial by combat, fighting will remain
> the essential heart of the SCA.  And I, for one, have no interest is changing
> this.

HL Oriana,

On the kingdom level, you are probably right. 

Also, in the larger baronies, the age limit isn't really a problem. However,
in many of the smaller groups, there are sometimes only a couple of fighters,
and also a couple of 16 & 17 yr old fighter wannabes. If this age were allowed
to just practice, it would help chivalric combat in these groups--even if they
weren't allowed on the list field until 18.

Mooneschadowe, just a few years back, had this situation. The teens lost
interest, since they weren't allowed to play with the really cool armor and
toys. Naturally, a good Knight Marshall can help, in either case.

Lord Guillaume
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