ANST - Dance Teachers Event

Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Jul 2 15:53:57 PDT 1998

Craig Shupee' wrote:

> I'd like to touch on:
> Calling, Teaching, Running a dance guild, Starting a dance guild,
> Introduction to new styles (no ECD scares people), Documentation
> Reconstruction, Running Balls, Indoor vs Outdoor Events
> Regional variations, Kingdom variations

Dancers and Instructors,

Looks like a good itinerary to me.

Here are some additional topics to consider.
-Finding dance recordings and manuals, 
-Meeting the needs of both advanced & beginning dancers,
-Teaching newly researched dances vs. teaching the std repertoire,
-What exactly is the "standard repertoire"?
-How large should our group's repertoire be?
-Working with musicians,

This will be an informal discussion (ie, I won't have a specific
agenda), so everyone should bring their own lists of topics they want to

I look forward to this meeting.

Lord Guillaume

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