ANST - Giving Awards to SCA Youth

Jane Gehring-Bretz bretz at
Mon Jul 6 16:49:34 PDT 1998

Sir Burke Said
>>>You just have to balance the need to recognize
good work with the possibility
that the person my decide that
High School activities are
more important next month and
disappear for a long time. >>>

Isn't this the risk we run
giving an award to anyone in
the society?  Anyone could
decide tomorrow that the Texas
Widget makers society is much
more interesting, and
disappear.  I think by giving
awards to teens we make them
feel more a part of things,
and they are more likly to
stay.  Does it matter if we
give an award to a child that
goes away for a few years, but
comes back later because of a
positive experience we gave
them?  I paint a lot of rising
star scrolls; they are my
favorites. I have no children,
and don't have a clue what to
do with one if I did. I don't
feel that this is a waste of
time, or paint. I know we have
all gotten burned out at one
point or another, and gone on
hiatus.  I don't think that
potential should be considered
unless you are warranting them
for a year commitment on an

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