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Hello.  Been more on the road (Calontir Crown, Lillies, business trip, An
Tir - West War) than home and have too many digests to digest.

MITTEN PATTERNS:  There are many good books and booklets and pamphlets with
patterns.  Try a yarn shop, larger crafts store, or even secondhand

There are also online sites for knitting patterns, such as:


I knit a LOT (having relatives inthe Cold North) and have patterns for all
kinds of mittens, two-needle and four-needle, textured and plain and with
colourwork or embroidery, with separated index finger, and even knitted
glove patterns (WHICH ARE PERIOD).  Give me a little more information about
your skill level and I will see what I can suggest as a source for

Sorry to the person who asked "where in Steppes" about the garage sale, I
did not see the message in time and thought that having given the two
streets on which the building sat (corner of) most people would be able to
find it.

Back to the other 27 digests......

                                        ---= Morgan (actually staying home
                                                this month, mostly, maybe)

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