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Forwarded per Damaris' generousity:

> Hi Caterina...
> I'm answering personally because my messages to the list bounce from
> work.  Feel free to foward to the list if you want.
> Laury Torrence wrote:
> > And there's
> > a little kernel of that romantic ideal in (nearly) all of us that
> > it appeals to.
> Your post got me to thinking....All of the aspects of SCA peerage
> orders, (fighting, A&S, service) are all interdependant on one another.
> I mean, to recreate the atmosphere of a tourney, you need things like
> banners, pavillions, list ropes, armour (that looks real from a
> distance), costumes.  So fighting is the reason for A&S.  Then there are
> the marshalls, list mistresses, water bearers, pages and so on and so
> forth.  Why are they there?  Because there is a tournement.  And
> tournements are entertaining if anything.
> > Soooooo.....I suppose fighting is important for many
> > reasons, one of which might be, that in spite of the interest A&S draws,
> > and it's appeal to a broad(er) range of people, fighting in the SCA
> > (both styles) grabs us by our adrenal glands, and appeals to an even wider
> > audience on a basic level.
> There is, within me, a childlike wonderment of anything colorful and
> exciting.  However, you take away the A&S and the Service people at an
> event and you just have guys and girls hitting each other with sticks. 
> But without them why go to the trouble of making brightly colored
> banners, pavillions, costumes and armour?
> Do I make any sense here???
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