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Wed Jul 8 07:32:50 PDT 1998

I apologize! I was conveying what was the feeling with only a few of the
membership at a business meeting. I only have seen one incident in all my
sca years and I told you all about it. Well actually I have seen a certain
Bryn Gwlad child do a bad deed at an event but feared her parents more
that what she had done. :) It really was not all that bad but the folks
around her were all shocked at it. And were equally afraid to report
anything to her parents.

Sorry. I to have personally seen good parenting in the SCA but constantly
hear bad things. The point however is that the ansteorran laws will not
change in my opinion to allow the youth fight until these "stories" end. I
would rather hear about good parents in the sca myself, tired of the bad


On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Pug Bainter wrote:

> I'm sorry but as a parent, I must take offense at this. *smile*
> Just as there are bad knights, bad laurels, bad pelicans, etc, there
> are bad parents. Just like the bad Peer, these are the parents that get
> attention because their children are the ones that get noticed for their
> misbehavior. It does not mean that they are the norm. I know in Bryn

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