ANST - Re: was Kids with Boffers/now SCA parenting?

ches ches at
Wed Jul 8 15:29:06 PDT 1998

you totaly took the letter out of context. I do not see the problem these
parents I spoke to said they saw. I only saw one and one is hardly enough
to convince me of bad parents in the SCA.

I think of all the societies in the world we are the best. I want to know
if the bad stories whether true or not are the reason for that kingdom law
we all would like to see removed or changed. I for one would like to see
it removed so that my son can play while I watch.

Mommy of two

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Laury Torrence wrote:
> than "mundane" children of the same age.  I suggest you duck.........the firestorm of P.O.'d
> parents should be coming soon.
> HE Caterina

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