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j'lynn yeates wrote:
> On 8 Jul 98, at 12:47, Mark.S Harris wrote:
> > There are some merchants and reviews given in this file in the CRAFTS
> > section of my Florilegium files:
> as always, the leads are appreciated ...
> do you have a general index of currently available stuff available? ... ever
> consider making it available on a subscription basis?
> 'wolf

I'm not sure what you mean. Perhaps this will answer your question:

1)A copy of my complete filelist is available at the website in the
IMPORTANT STUFF section. It is also available from me by email in either
text or Word 6.0 format.

2)I publish a monthly article detailing what is new in my files each month.
Currently this is sent to a list of newsletter editors and other interested
folks around the fifth of each month. Then I send this list to various mail
lists around the 15th of the month. I also send it to the Rialto 
( around this time.

If you meant specifically merchant lists and reviews, there are several
other files for those areas where there is enough info to merit a standalone 
file such as:

merchants-msg     (99K)  1/ 2/97    Directory and review of SCA merchants.
merch-books-msg   (16K)  9/17/97    Directory of book merchants.
  (in the COMMERCE section)

merch-rapier-msg  (18K)  8/11/97    Merchants who sell rapier and fencing gear.
  (in the COMBAT-RAPIER section)

armorers-lst      (62K)  2/18/98    List of and reviews of SCA armorers.
rattan-msg        (53K)  7/ 8/98    Working with rattan. Rattan sources.
  (in the COMBAT section)

merch-cloth-lst   (18K)  1/25/96    Lists of clothes and pattern merchants.
seamstresses-msg  (23K)  3/30/98    Working with seamstresses. Lists & reviews.
  (in the CLOTHING section)

tent-rental-msg    (9K) 11/12/96    Rental of tents at Pennsic and Estrella.
tent-sources-msg  (81K)  3/25/98    Pavilion and canvas merchants.
  (in the DWELLINGS section)

books2-msg        (81K) 12/ 7/93    More book reviews.
  (in the INFO SOURCES section. I've got another file, 250K of reviews that
    is not online that I am trying to edit and put in various files)

seeds-msg         (59K)  7/29/97    Sources for period plants and seeds.
spices-msg        (97K)  2/ 4/98    Info. on spices, sources for spices.
  (in the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section)

callig-suppl-msg  (34K)  1/ 5/98    Calligraphy and Illumination supplies.
  (in the SCRIBAL ARTS section)

At least these are the files that occur to me looking through the filelist.

My files are on the web at:

I hope this answers your questions but isn't too much for this list.

Stefan li Rous
stefan at
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