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Sorry if this is a duplicate; the information came through as 
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                Knitting Competition 
             At the Estrella War, 1999

January 30, 1999 is the 350th anniversary of the execution of Charles the
First of England.  To commemorate this event, The Knowne Worlde Knitters'
Guild is sponsoring a knitting competition at the Estrella War, in Phoenix
Arizona, Presidents Day weekend, 1999.

The competition items will be handknit reproductions of King Charles' blue
silk waistcoat (pullover sweater), worn by him on the day of his execution.
There are strict criteriae for this competition, please read them carefully
before starting work on your entry.

There will be prizes awarded for reproductions in several categories; there
will be more information on these later.  Entries will be displayed at a
special exhibit at the War.  Announcement is being made now to allow
entrants to prepare their garments.

Competition Entry Criteriae

1. The entry shall consist of a HAND KNIT, ADULT SIZED reproduction of the
King Charles blue silk waistcoat, made by the entrant.  
2. The gauge in stitches PER INCH will be NO COARSER than SIX STITCHES TO
THE INCH throughout the garment.  This means that the knitting must be
fine-the original gauge was 8-1/2 stitches to the centimeter, or about 21
stitches to the inch!  Your gauge must be six or more stitches to the inch.
3. Any smooth, natural fiber yarn may be used, as long as it meet the
criteria for knitted gauge.  Additional points will be given for yarn
handspun by the knitter.  If handspun is used, an unknitted sample must be
provided for the judges' perusal. 
4. Color of the garment must be one that could be reasonably achieved by
natural dyes in use at the time.  The garment does not need to be hand dyed
with natural dyes, but extra points will be given for this effort. If the
garment is hand dyed, a description of the method used must be provided as
5. The garment should reproduce as accurately as possible, the style,
knitting techniques, patterns, tailoring, and finishing of the original.  A
full description of the sweater, including graphs for the knit purl
patterns, is available upon request to those who need it.  Send a SASE to:
Melinda Shoop, 4002 W Arlington St., Yakima, WA 98908.
6. A second category will be for works in progress.  This again will be
limited to the Charles waistcoat, unfinished; all other criteriae listed
above apply to this category. Please remove all knitting needles from the
piece prior to display and secure stitches by running a thread through
We are not responsible for dropped stitches.
7. Pieces in this second category will be judged on gauge, accuracy of
patterns, etc., and consideration and extra points will be given for the
amount of the piece completed.

For additional information, contact: JoAnn Trapp, 2216 N. Evergreen,
Phoenix, AZ 85006, 1-602-258-2250, PENNYDOWEL at or Melinda Shoop,
address above, 1-509-972-0615, mediknit at
<mailto:mediknit at> 

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