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> I disagree about the money. The people I knew (way back when) could
> easily have been in the SCA.

I agree. Several Amtgard people have commented on the expense of 
period garb turning them off to the SCA, and asked me how I could 
afford my garb. (for those of you who know me, or have seen it at 
events, the blue and gold particolored T-tunic and pants, and the 
gray and purple T-tunic and hat were both considered to be very 
fancy) They were stunned to find that the blue and gold outfit was 
about $8 worth of cotton broadcloth, 2 $7 pairs of sweats, and a 
couple bucks worth of bias tape. The gray and purple was bargain bin 
60" fabric from WalMart totaling about $4-6. A lot of what they see 
as prohibitive isn't really, they just haven't been shown the reality 
of it.

IMO, the way to pick up more people via Amtgard isn't to recruit 
them, but to recruit and demo *with* them. Show potential members 
what both groups are like, since they are somewhat complementary, and 
certainly not mutually exclusive, and a lot of them will try both and 
settle on what they want more. Both groups could benefit from this 
kind of action.

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