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Bob Dewart gilli at
Wed Jul 15 04:28:06 PDT 1998

Thought there might be some interest in this.

Order the bows from F/S Discount Archery 1-800-824-8261.  They'll send you a
catalog or you can just go ahead an order using this information.

On page 108.
#Y260 - Titan Recurve Target Bow.(25 - 30lb)
Price:     $27.50
Shipping: $6.95.
This is for a single bow.  If you get multiple bows at once, the per unit
final cost goes down.
The bow is red, so if you don't like the color you can cover it.
You'll have to replace the string it comes with.  It's pretty rinkydink.
There may be a cheaper combat bow out there, but I haven't found it.


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