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milliron1 at milliron1 at
Wed Jul 15 20:47:59 PDT 1998

I'm sorry to be taking up air time, But I really need to find something I
lost.  At Octavian this past April, Max and I pack in a hurry.  Well, I
left my table with the baronial stuff and ask for it to be brought back, 
It did not make it.  If someone picked it up I would really like it back.
 I will pay for freight.  It looks like a oak varnished oblong box.  The
legs are on the inside and must be assemble to put the lid (the box part)
on top of.  One of the hinges had lost it pin.  If you have it please
e-mail me privately so I may retieve it, hopefully before pennsic if we
get to go.  


milliron1 at

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