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Fox Anton Purtill fpurtill at
Thu Jul 16 06:00:29 PDT 1998

You guys know I despise most junkmail type stuff.  But this takes just
and it's a cool marketing idea...that might pay off someday.

Go to is a new online travel service.

They are giving away 3 free shares per person just for visiting their
website, but only 700,000 shares will be given away, so hurry!!  Once
at the website, scroll down & keep hitting "Continue" while they explain the
deal to you.  You register for a PIN number, which is emailed to you within
minute.  Once you get a PIN number, go back to the website and register for
free shares.

PLEASE enter blackfox at under the "Reference E-Mail" (last field)
When you register for your shares. WHY...Because if you ask your friends to
use your email as reference you can receive up to 10 more free shares!
They will send you the serial numbers of your shares within a minute.

It's easy & worth the effort - try it out!

When you send this on, replace my e-mail above with your own for the
reference e-mail.

Gee, I hope this is all on the up-and-up. Isn't capitalism great?

      Karin Höijer-Purtill : Artist
Fox Anton Purtill : Programmer/Web Design
  blackfox at / khoijer at

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