ANST - Scribal history

John Ruble ulf at
Fri Jul 17 13:38:38 PDT 1998

(Tee-hee-)HE Neassa said:
> Baroness Curstaidh has had the job of Star Signet for about a week; at
> TRM Barn and Katriona's Coronation she and Mistress Annastatia traded

Anastacia lives a few miles from me.  If you need to get hold of her for 
Scribe information, I will forward any e-mail via Viking Express (I will 
go there, ja-ja).  I am still trying to convince her of the joys and 
merits of electronic mail.

Namron has regular Scribes and Illuminators meetings, and these good folk 
produce a small tonnage of beautiful paper.  It is on a volunteer basis, 
and they are always willing to teach new people.


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