ANST - Tent for sale!

Laury Torrence J-LTorrence at
Fri Jul 17 19:06:08 PDT 1998

Greetings All!

I have just purchased a new tent, and am therefore offering my
old one at a dirt-cheap price. $50......It is a large 10 x 14(maybe 16)
canvas cabin-type tent complete with poles (a couple are going to
need to be replaced fairly soon).  It also has a couple of spots that
need to be re-sewn (they are on seams so it shouldn't be too difficult).
It is tall enough for large adults to stand up and even raise their arms
over their heads, and has big windows.  It still has several good years
of service in it, but it's just too difficult for me to put up by myself.  It's
a very comfortable tent and you could squeeze a few people in there
(it's predecessor of the same size held 6 women on a campout quite
comfortably even *with* all their stuff!)

If interested e-mail me directly at J-LTorrence at
OR if you are in the Austin vicinity see me at tuesday fighter practice
(I'll bring it out) OR you could call me at (512) 832-0791 (if not there
leave message).

HE Caterina (now I have an even bigger tent!)
je suis le tenebreux

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