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SCOTT A WAGGONER maynedelacroix at
Tue Mar 3 15:47:46 PST 1998

Chirurgeon? Cougar,the way you lay it on thick you should go for

(Below refering to the TRF workday)
On Tue, 03 Mar 1998 02:40:29 -0600 "Cougar!!" <cougar17 at>
>When I listened closely to the wind, I could hear the shouts of the
>crowds, the beating of the drums, the swishing of the chain mail, the
>sounds of battle. The calls of the hawkers glided through my 
>imagination  like the curls of incense through the lid of a burner.
>The brightly decorated shoppes loomed over the plush green grass as I
>walked through this land that I called home for eight weeks, last 
>The corn cob, and Steak on a Stick signs brought back joyous memories,
>as they swayed in the wind,...alone and silent. A watchful hawk 
>a cry that echoed throughout, and down the empty streets. 
>All of a sudden a faint sound of bagpipes seemed to be approaching.
>A strange chill slowly crawled up my spine. "These grounds have become
>part of your soul," I thought aloud. 
>The wind that blows through the calm streets, suddenly took over and
>returned me to reality. 
>Then I had to go and rake and bag pine needles and leaves, and get 
>a motor vehicle that whisked me back to 1998.....doesnt real life 
>						Cougar!!

He is right, though, most people just can't believe that grass actually
grows at the TRF during the year.  The place looked wonderful, a days
worth of Kodak moments.

Talk to you later,
Mayne de la Croix --- The original MiB

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