ANST - Lost since Steppes Warlord

Jerry Dreifuerst morganson at
Wed Mar 4 18:25:52 PST 1998

Othar here,

   Speaking of lost&found, a Viking chair of mine was left in a great 
big tent at Steppes Warlord last year.  I tried to locate it a couple of 
times by phone but was stonewalled.  The chair is large enough for me to 
sit on without worrying about it breaking and it has my device etched, 
partially-finished, into the headboard.  The design on the chair is 
Sable, a lozenge gules, enfimbriated argent.  Should its whereabouts be 
known I would appreciate getting it back as it was a prize for barding 
in Seawinds.  Email at either address will be appreciated.  Thanks for 
the bandwidth.

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