ANST - Reward for Pillow lost at Elfsea Defender

Alan Boertjens a0210687 at
Thu Mar 5 08:58:17 PST 1998

Johan here,

Speaking of 'lost & found'...I took care of the 'lost' part and
hope someone can help me with the 'found' part.

I had just moved out here from Trimaris and Elfsea Defender was my
first Ansteorran event.  I left a pillow in the Norse camp and
have had no luck in tracking it down.  :-(  I remember leaving it by
the two gentles that were doing some stonecarving. (I think they were
from Bjornsburg)

The fur pillow is oval, about 1.5ft by 2ft, made from a brown beaver
pelt, and has a black cloth backing.  

I'll offer TWO GALLONS OF MEAD as a reward for finding my long lost
pillow. :-)

Also...I am looking for pictures of all the culture camps from
Elfsea Defender to add to my photo album that I use at demos.
I'll cover the costs of getting a duplicate set of the pictures.

In service to The Dream,
~Ld.Johan Bjornsson
 (mka Alan Boertjens)
 H:972.315.4071 (no answering machine)
 a-boertjens1 at
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