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> >the recent thread on "period hounds", brings up a question .. anyone 
> >else out there keep / raise / breed wolf-hybrids ???? (historical 
> >note .. faelcu (literally, wolf-dog) was a noted breed in tradional 
> >irish society ....)
> >
> Talk about a period dog for the Society of Creative Anachronism, the
> Irish Wolfhound has been "rereated" after being extinct.  I don't 1
> understand it.  Nor do I  know the in's and out's about it. 

> Larkin      I will not purposly offend anyone in a public forum:

For one, there is little wolf in an Irish Wolfhound. It is meant to be
a dog large enough to take down a wolf or deer. Modern Wolfhounds are
a ressurected breed. This was done successfully by Captain George
Augustus Graham in the late 1800's. He used Scottish Deerhound, Great
Dane, and Mastif to revive the breed with wolfhound stock that he was
relatively sure retained the bloodlines of the origional breed. This
breed was almost extinct by the 1600's and was more greyhound like in
appearance per historical accounts. They are as far from wolves as
most modern dogs can get. Infact, breeding thenm with wolves would
introduce traits that are frowned upon in the breed. The standard
description of the Wolfhound is " A beautiful, powerful, rough-coated,
greyhound-like dog of great size and commanding appearance, fleet
enough to catch a wolf and sufficiently powerful enough to bring it
For more information on the breed I reccomend reading "The New
Complete Irish Wolfhound" by Joel Samaha.
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