ANST - Gulf War camping request

Mitman, Rikki Rikki.Mitman at
Fri Mar 6 12:12:04 PST 1998

Alas, papa! Lord Manfred and I will not be attending the war this year.
(Stop scolding -- we have good reason.)

You and Sir Rurik are most welcome to throw your sleeping bags into our tent
-- however, you will have to pick it up on your way out of town.

Your loving and devoted daughter,


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> To my lovely foster child, Teleri, the light of my later years and
> provider of
> my future income from my new foster son-in-law.
>   Sir Rurik is off of work and I have my students in Spring break- so
> guess
> what?
> We will be able to see you at Gulf Wars.  Save us a spot about 12x12 for
> our
> tent next to you so that we may be able to make sure you are well guarded
> at
> night.  We will be leaving early Friday morning, arriving in the
> afternoon.
> If you do nor save us a spot, we will just throw our sleeping bags in YOUR
> tent.
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