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As I am all too aware due to relatively recent studies, there is a
near overwhelming belief in the SCA that that most divine of
indulgent foods, to whit CHOCOLATE, is not appropriate to pre-1600
pursuits and must therefore be declared by Royal Whim as permitted
or preferred.

The following location reproduces a secondary source which brings
documentation of chocolate AS A CONFECTION arguably to 1631ce
(1652CE English translation of 1631ce Spanish manuscript). In which
source, the Dames of Mexico purchase chocolate compounded with sugar
as one would any other sweatmeat at shops in the streets. 

Also includes a range of recipes for the form of drinkable hot
chocolate that includes hot red chili pepper):

O.K., so even the Spanish manuscript would be in the "grey area" as
far as even the A&S documentation standards of several years ago are
concerned. But this source does provide pre-18th century European
usage of chocolate candy ("Dames of Mexico" presumably being the
European colonials and not the peasantry, based upon the titulary
usage of the term...)

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