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Fri Mar 6 17:05:49 PST 1998

On Fri, 6 Mar 1998 15:29:01 -0800, "Timothy A. McDaniel" <tmcd at>

>If I may express *my* opinion, Timo: *I* don't think your
>"unusual" items were offensive.  I was assuming you were
>being bizarre and risqu{e'}, and I thank you for the
>surrealism you added to my day.  Given a choice of what
>items should be rattling around a camp, I'd prefer some of
>your list over mass quantities of alcohol.  For example, I
>suspect that panty shields don't make you boorish, don't
>impair your judgment, don't make you vomit, don't make you
>pass out on the road,. . .

Gosh Daniel, what good are they then?

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