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Fri Mar 6 18:27:17 PST 1998

---Ellen Ginden <catahoularescue at> wrote:
> I'm passing this addtioal piece of info along; but I
suspect it's out of our league.Ellen
> From: Filafriend <Filafriend at>
> Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 20:47:21 EST
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> Subject: Sighthounds, sighthounds, everywhere......
> Hello again,
> l just talked to the polski puppies owner and she begged
me to take the
> parents and try to sell them, too. l reluctantly agreed,
and so now l 
> will
> have 5 pups and their parents to find owners for, too.She
wants a 1000 
> for the
> pair, and said l could keep any more l ask for them.
SHEEZ ! She has got 
> to be
> crazy ! But she is leaving and l am worried who will care
for them, so 
> just
> paint over the big sucker l have emblazened on my
forehead, please. 
> Kathy
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