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Fri Mar 6 17:46:00 PST 1998

Wolf wrote:
AN>it has always been my understanding that due to their size and the
AN>oddities of their genetic lines, that they were a rather short lived
AN>breed.  any idea as to the truth/falsity of that ????

Alas, there is much truth to it.  Irish Wolfhounds rarely reach the age
of eight or nine years.  Most of the giant breeds, I was told by a noted
IW breeder, have hearts the size of a Collie or Shepherd.  The much
larger body puts a severe strain on the heart and it just wears out at
an earlier age.   Since IW's take almost two years to mature, you only
have a grown companion for five or so years.  I believe the giant
sighthounds, Scottish Deerhound, Greyhound and Borzoi, live somewhat
longer because of less body mass, i.e. less strain.
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