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Salut, Cozyns.

Lyonel aisai.

In response to my suggestion:
>>> Speed rivets.  Give your harness the once over.  Replace any
>>> questionable-looking rivets.

Don Christian Dore' asks:

>>What is a speed rivet?

And Mayne de la Croix responds:
>A Speed rivet is basically a screw together rivet. I know you can get
>them at Tandy Leather Stores. They are available at other locations I am
>sure, but I can't think of where right now.  Most fighters I know have an
>armor repair kit they take with them just about everywhere, even when not
>fighting you can make lots of friends by fixing THEIR armor. 

Um, well, not exactly what I had in mind.  In my experience, the two-piece
screw-together rivets are usually called post-and-screw rivets or Chicago
screws.   If you use Chicago screws, I suggest you take along a bottle of
Loc-Tite to keep them from working themselves loose.  Also, most hardware
stores carry these critters.

When I said "speed rivets," I meant the hollow, two piece rivets that you
hammer together (also available--in a range of sizes--from Tandy Leather
stores and most tack and saddle stores).  They're useful for holding
leather to leather or leather to metal.  For these, you need a hammer and
an anvil of sorts (for mobile repairs, I usually take along a ball-pean
hammer and a John Henry--I use the head of the John Henry as my anvil for
replacing speed rivets).

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