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>Advertisement - If you are not interested in this type of opportunity, hit
reply and type
>REMOVE in the subject line.  I apologize for any inconvenience.
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>This is a 5 x 2 matrix - 5 people on the front line and then 5 people under
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those 5 sponsor
>5 each. You will then have a total of 30 people in your matrix and get paid
a quick
>$550.00 over and over again as you and they grow and are automatically re-
>entered into the program. Only a one-time cost of $30.00 per $550.00
return. If you
>sponsor more than 5, they will be passed down to your downline to help fill
>matrix and so on for everyone. What a concept!
>Visit the home page and you will notice a banner that takes you to a site
where you
>can get a FREE homepage. You can never have too many home pages on the
>Internet. Click now,  what do you have to lose?
>If some of your friends and associates do not have access to the Internet
>would be great marketers of this program - no problem - just sign them up
>using your return e-mail address. You are not limited to the number of
people you
>can sign up with the same e-mail address. If you want more than one
position, you
>should sign up under yourself listing yourself as the sponsor.
>If you are not interested in this type of opportunity, I apologize for any
>inconvenience I may have caused you. Hit reply and type REMOVE in the
>line. I again apologize for any inconvenience.
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