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Ellen Ginden ginden at
Sun Mar 8 15:37:36 PST 1998

It seemed to me that letting SCA folks know of the
availability of a period breed of dog that's almost exstint
might fall well within what we're about. Preserving and
recreating history and it's various art's and sciences. I'm
sorry that some did not see that I think so highly of my
fellow SCAers that I would pass this need along so that
some of our members would have a real chance to preserve a
living piece of Canine History.This is the 1st occasion I
have ever seen, that someone who does canine rescue,
offered pups w/ registration papers and didn't require spay
or neutering. Instead she's as anxious as I had hoped we
would be to see history preserved and continued especially
since the living relics of this very period breed only
number about 200, in the world. 
I've seen a lot of messages on where and how to buy baldar
blunts,out and out advertising,and  mundane jokes in the
digests that I just opened.Why would this information be
less welcome or appropriate? I did say if someone was
interested in another(meaning:less period breed,) to
contact me.In my mind this is not so much about canine
rescue, as about saving a real piece of living history.And,
I do believe that saving and preserving history is what we
are about, although mostly we just call it having fun.
Lady Ellen of Stargate

P.S. This Breed of dog mostly resembles a Russian Wolfhound.
Neither, myself or the lady who is rescueing the puppies
will be making an money off these puppies.The funds she get
wiil go toward rescuing more other  common breed of dogs.I
will get nothing other than the knowledge that these noble
hounds might add another hundred years to their 1000 plus
years of 
Regarding her letters I posted, I did not feel it was my
place to edit her comments or her intentions for or about
these dogs.I thought it best that someone interested should
know what I knew.    

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