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Mon Mar 9 06:46:03 PST 1998

Mitman, Rikki said something that sounded like:
> I also feel that discussions of personal hygiene
> products, contraceptives, and other such items as have been included in the
> "Gulf War lists" is vulgar and unnecessary in this context.

I'm sorry, but I must disagree.

Listing such items is a good idea in this day and age. (Although it was
in jest.)

We need to remember that casual sex is no longer safe, despite what the
SCA is about. I would rather people only have sex with their lifemates,
but the fact is it doesn't always happen. Because of this, I think it's
a good idea to remind people to be safe instead of sorry. I'd rather
people not come home with something they didn't go with because they
didn't remember condoms. (Yeah, yeah, people can abstain, but lots don't.)

As for personal hygiene, I think it's a good idea for everyone to
practice it. Events, and probably even moreso wars, are not a place to
forget this necessity.

> Especially on a
> list for a society that purports to uphold such concepts as honor, courtesy,
> and chivalry.

Where things should be hidden from view? I've never viewed this as a
good way for sex nor drug education to be conducted. (Yes, I am a parent
of a small child.)


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