ANST - Apology

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Mon Mar 9 06:21:18 PST 1998

I agree that drunkenness is distasteful. However, as one of the people who
complained about Timo's message off-line (and to whom he very graciously
apologized offline), I also feel that discussions of personal hygiene
products, contraceptives, and other such items as have been included in the
"Gulf War lists" is vulgar and unnecessary in this context. Especially on a
list for a society that purports to uphold such concepts as honor, courtesy,
and chivalry.

The messages we post here go into many homes (and offices), and while it is
not always possible to avoid offending everyone, I think it behooves us to
be a little more discreet.

Teleri ferch Pawl

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> If I may express *my* opinion, Timo: *I* don't think your
> "unusual" items were offensive.  I was assuming you were
> being bizarre and risqu{e'}, and I thank you for the
> surrealism you added to my day.  Given a choice of what
> items should be rattling around a camp, I'd prefer some of
> your list over mass quantities of alcohol.  For example, I
> suspect that panty shields don't make you boorish, don't
> impair your judgment, don't make you vomit, don't make you
> pass out on the road, and don't usually send you to the
> hospital ... or the morgue.
> Daniel "tho I should admit that I have no idea what 'panty
> shields' might be, so I'm just guessing" de Lincolia
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