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Mon Mar 9 07:35:39 PST 1998

>We need to remember that casual sex is no longer safe, despite what the
>SCA is about. I would rather people only have sex with their lifemates,
>but the fact is it doesn't always happen. Because of this, I think it's
>a good idea to remind people to be safe instead of sorry. I'd rather
>people not come home with something they didn't go with because they
>didn't remember condoms. (Yeah, yeah, people can abstain, but lots don't.)
>As for personal hygiene, I think it's a good idea for everyone to
>practice it. Events, and probably even moreso wars, are not a place to
>forget this necessity.
>> list for a society that purports to uphold such concepts as honor, courtesy,
>> and chivalry.
>Where things should be hidden from view? I've never viewed this as a
>good way for sex nor drug education to be conducted. (Yes, I am a parent
>of a small child.)

I recently read a passage from a book by the renown author William F.
Buckley, Jr., in which he was lamenting on the decline of basic courtesy in
the last several decades.  His comment was something to the effect of, "In
the old days, it was the accepted norm that if something was offensive to
people, you simply didn't do it."  That was considered basic courtesy.  It
did not matter if you disagreed with them on matters political, religious,
or any other subject.  You were expected to be polite.

That could obviously be taken to an extreme.  For example, someone could
announce that ANY post by me was offensive to them, and that I should
therefore remove myself from further participation in this forum.  Such
things would have to be weighed carefully to see if they were valid.  I
would have to consider if "any" post by me was actually offensive, or if
the person stating so was simply stirring up trouble.  A good indicator
would be if many people said that any or a particular post by me was
offensive, or if someone that I highly respected said the same.

In my opinion, I consider Timo to be upholding the standards of courtesy by
his magnanimous apology.  He obviously wrote something that was intended to
be funny rather than offensive; yet it offended (apparently) many people.
The fact that he recognized that and responded appropriately is a good

It is also pertinent to acknowledge that this is a public forum.  Nobody is
arguing that subjects such as safe sex, personal hygiene, and sex and drug
education are not valid topics for discussion.  But is this the place,
really?  Is someone really going to learn something life-saving on this
board, which is supposed to be limited to subjects pertaining to Ansteorra?
Are there not other, more appropriate avenues for such discussions?

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