ANST - Apology

Cameron Lewis camlewis at
Mon Mar 9 21:44:22 PST 1998

Lord Manfred Wolf wrote:
>           So... is everyone ready for War??
Obviously they are

Gosh I Just couldn't let myself read enough *APOLOGIES* that I should
write one to read myself...

Guys this is getting boring to delete off of my mail lists...can we just
drop it?

Connor's button pushing two months ago was bad...the purple dinosaur
talk last month was pushing it for bandwidth, but Timo is my friend and
nothing he said in his original post was vulgar.  He is a very
intellegent man that made a joke.  It did not degrade anyone publicly,
as others have done, and it did not make judgement upon anyone but his
sense of humor.  He has apologized publicly as was said in his original
post because people took offense privatly with him.  None of those
people, whose names he did NOT use, scolded him publicly why should
anyone else feel that they should.  It does not make you look any better
to yell at someone on the list than it does to yell at someone on the
list field.  We are all adults here, with the exception of Sir Daffyd:)
we have all heard the words Timo spoke before, although maybe not
together, and none of the words were offensive (except the Old Harper

Please don't post any more to this thread okay?
so lets all agree that he has been scolded...we have been
scolded...scold me privately at camlewis at anything I
recieve about this publicly I will take an offense to (except the Daffyd
part, I liked that one) and let's go scold some Trimarins

scold me on the list field I am easy to spot
Go to to perform mailing list tasks.

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