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> >I agree that drunkenness is distasteful. However, as one of the people
> who
> >complained about Timo's message off-line (and to whom he very graciously
> >apologized offline), I also feel that discussions of personal hygiene
> >products, contraceptives, and other such items as have been included in
> the
> >"Gulf War lists" is vulgar and unnecessary in this context. Especially on
> a
> >list for a society that purports to uphold such concepts as honor,
> courtesy,
> >and chivalry.
> I could just as easily argue that if, as you claim, Timo has graciously
> apologized to you offline, that your insistence on continuing to address
> the subject publicly is less than courteous. 
The discussion is not about Timo -- nor am I the one who chose to perpetuate
it on the list.

> >The messages we post here go into many homes (and offices), and while it
> is
> >not always possible to avoid offending everyone, I think it behooves us
> to
> >be a little more discreet.
> I find public reprimands in regards to sexual and personal hygiene subject
> matter to be somewhat offensive; perhaps it would have behooved you to
> post
> your reply to Daniel privately. 
Since Daniel addressed the matter publicly, I felt it was appropriate to
respond in the same manner. If you truly feel as you say, why did you not
address *me* privately?

It appears to me that perhaps you simply wished to leap to the defense of a
friend; a commendable desire, indeed, but I was not attacking him, and if I
appeared to do so, I apologize. It was never my intention to generate any
degree of heat -- if it is not possible to have this discussion without it
degenerating into a flame war, I will avoid causing any further
unpleasantness by withdrawing immediately.

Good day,

Teleri ferch Pawl
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