ANST - War Disease (was - Apology)

John Ruble jruble at
Mon Mar 9 09:25:26 PST 1998

Rumil Said:
> If someone really wants to discuss these issues, it is not hard to
> find a
> forum where frank, open discussion of said topics is not only
> inoffensive
> but are welcomed.
> This has clearly become an emotional issue and is getting out of hand.
> I
> hereby announce that I will no longer take part in, nor reply to, any
> further discussion on this topic.
Rumil, I'm sorry you misinterpreted my post.  I had said:
> Now, in history and in fiction one frequently runs across references
> of war camps decimated by bad hygiene and sanitation techniques.  The
> siege makes use of this concept.  But the books rarely specify what
> these problems are.
> So what were they?
What I was looking for here was a discussion of historical problems with
sanitation and disease, such as London went through until they cleaned
up the Thames.  Or how dysentery spreads in a sieged city.  Hopefully,
the discussion could then be tweaked into problems we face at large SCA
events, like Pennsic and other wars.

I agree with your point that much of the previous thread was not
relevant to this mailing list.  But please don't leave yourself out of a
(hopefully) relevant discussion when you might have something useful to

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