ANST - dont reply to this

Tim Lozos dentim at
Mon Mar 9 11:13:14 PST 1998

hi yall!

*Dont reply to this, there is enuff stuff on the list already*

The reason I apologized publicly was that I had received several private
messages regarding my "List". The comments ranged from "Thats Crude" to
"gee, thats a little... out there".  As one of these came from a good
friend, I figured my strange sense of humor  had taken a step too far, and
that there were probably others on the list offended, who didnt write me.

By apologizing, I was not trying to open the door to slam the people who had
been offended. This seems to be what is happening now.  Please dont nag a
person for having a different comfort level than you. Allowing other people
to have different views on whatever subject is a good thing (TM).

On a completely different note.......

May the blood of Trimaris flow free and hot on the soil of the Gulf! (in a
nice way, of course)


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