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Pug Bainter pug at
Wed Mar 11 19:54:14 PST 1998

Joe Bramblett said something that sounded like:
> Wouldn't it be easier just to close the list, so only members can send to
> it? IIRC, all major listserver software has this setting.

The problem with this is that there a number of very valid messages sent
to the list that are from non-subscribing members. These inlude things
such as Gulf War/Pennsic/etc announcements, Archery information, requests
for Ansteorran information, InterKingdom anthropology discussions, etc.

Considering the volume *so far*, it's worth the minor inconvience of
SPAM versus the amount of useful material from non-subscribers. (If I
*have* to, I will shut it down though.)

Thank you for the suggestion though.


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