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Lori Campbell LCAMPBEL at
Sun Mar 8 22:49:55 PST 1998

I don't post to this list very often, and when I do, it is usually 
because I feel strongly on a subject.  I really try to think about 
what I post and I usually read (and re-read) my stuff several times 
before sending it.  [Better to say nothing and let people think 
you're an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt, right?]  The 
whole process takes about a day and keeps me from jumping on
someone before I've really thought about what they meant to say. 

I guess what I mean to say is this:  I, too, have been morally and 
ethically offended by posts on this list - but it has been on a very 
*rare* occassion - (I'm actually offended on a much more frequent 
basis by what I see on the daily news).   Unless people argue (and 
argue, and argue) about how offensive something was, I can 
certainly do my part and delete the message and go on with my life. 
However, a few of today's posts (yes, there were well-written ones, 
too)  border on hurtful and insulting.  Both of these things are, 
in my opinion, intolerable and much more offensive to me than
the original post.  

If you have to hurt someone to make your point, then your point is 
probably better left unmade.

-  Kat M.  >"<
   Barony of Wiesenfeuer, Ansteorra

Lori Campbell
lcampbel at

"there is a fine line between fishing
 and standing on the shore like an idiot"
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