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SCOTT A WAGGONER maynedelacroix at
Mon Mar 9 18:06:04 PST 1998

While everyone else is having fun blowing hard on the subjects  of wasted
bandwidth, condoms (with the obligatory "<g>"), non-period diseases of
mind and body, homeless dogs, Barney the purple freaking dinosaur, etc. I
would like to drop a couple things on here on a few subjects. 

First of all, if you are offended by anything you read in this post. Send
a private reply and I will kiss your behind for a week until you are
happy.  Also, anywhere you feel I am too aoutrageous, please mentally 
insert "<g>" after the item in question. 

Some may have noticed by now that my Fiancee, Cheneire (who is currently
going by RAVEN against my advice), occassionly gets on under my account
and reads/sends mail.  Any character assassinations  are to be directed
to me. 

I have these comments on the following subjects

Timo's supposedly outrageous post:  I have heard far worse things on
public television. 
Barney the dinosaur:  slice thin, bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. 
Brush with catsup.
Canine rescue: Period breeds I consider on topic. If the have their own
mailing list could someone 	post it here so the people that are
interestes may subscribe. 
 Spam Mail: See instructions for Barney above. 
Hypersensitivity: I believe being offended was period. 
Period Deseases/seiges: Watch Flesh and Blood with Rutger Hauer 
Gulf War: Find Trimarans then follow instructions under "Barney" above. 

Insert <g> here,

Mayne de la Croix --- The original MiB

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